Wednesday, 29 January 2014


(Week 17)

Metal tins come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are often used for CD/DVD packaging promotional or marketing purposes. Tins come in a standard silver finish, but can be personalised in a number of ways, and supplied with inserts or trays where appropriate. 


1. Can be screen printed, embossed or laser etched
2. Come in a range of sizes and styles including film canisters and DVD tins
3. Vacuum formed trays and foam inserts available 
4. Long lasting and tend to be kept by the customer
5. Bespoke shapes and sizes available at higher volumes

1. More costly than conventional packaging
2. Care must be taken to protect them from impact during transit

We have a range of tins available on our shop website at - Suitable for CD packaging, DVD packaging, Tin boxes and Film Canisters. The suitable order size, tins normally come in pack of fifty so the MOQ would be fifty. Easy adapted to larger volumes which brings the unit price down.

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