Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Week 12 - Corrugated material


(Week 12)

The structural features of corrugate make it an ideal packaging solution. Corrugated material comprise of rows of air columns, these air columns act as a cushion for the packaged item. The fluting provides strength and rigidity to the finished pack.

1. A  number of different thicknesses to choose from (flutes)
2. Eco-friendly
3. Light weight
4. Printing - flexographic/lithographic/digital
5. Different styles available

1. Under pressure, corrugated can become deformed
2. Can look dull without the use of print and/or an innovative design

When choosing a corrugated box there are a number of different styles and flutes to choose from. Suitable for postal cartons. The suitable order size depends on a few factors but normally anything from 500 and above.

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