Friday, 6 December 2013

Jam Gou Dou


(Case Study)

At Cyberpac we love solving problems; and none more so than those that involve doughnuts...

Having started as a local company producing gourmet doughnuts, Jam Gou Dou were looking to reach out nationally through the internet, but could not find any suitable packaging. Delivering doughnuts is not as easy as you might think, and there were several issues that conventional cake packaging designs didn't properly address;

  • Doughnuts need to be secure so that they don't move around or turn upside down in transit.
  • The doughnuts cannot have anything touching the top of them as they have either jam or glaze on the top and need to arrive in perfect condition.
  • As a small company Jam Gou Dou wanted a packaging solution that was instantly recognisable and unusual enough to attract attention and curiosity. A plain cake box would clearly not achieve this.
  • The packaging had to be cost effective and require minimal storage space

The Cyberpac team worked alongside the client to understand these objectives and Jam Gou Dou's corporate style and identity, and then walked them through the technical aspects such as the materials and processes that we could use.

Having built up a clear picture of what was required; our team developed an innovative and original design that was both visually striking and functionally adapted to the product. By packing the doughnuts in triangular 'tubes' we were able to ensure that there was no contact with the top surface of the product, whist also ensuring that they were still held firmly in place for transport.

An outer triangular carry case to house 3 'tubes' was developed, which was flexo-printed in one colour, using tints to give the impression of a multicolour print. With an integrated carry hand and a triangular profile, the design also ensured that the product was always transported the correct way up by courier services, as well as being eye-catching in both shape and print. With all the components able to be stored flat, it was an ideal solution for a small company with minimal space.

With the design and print approved, samples  were produced and 'field tested' to ensure that the products arrived in perfect condition. With the success of the trial, the product was approved and we began manufacturing. Problem solved!

Materials and processes:

  • Unprinted food grade card for inner triangle - conforms to regulations and is cost effective.
  • Outer box: Corrugated card - cost effective and robust, takes print well.
  • 1 colour flexo-print - cosy effective process with high quality results. Setup costs minimised by using tints and tones of a single colour. Flexo-printing direct onto corrugated also gives a natural and 'gentle' print finish.

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