Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Welcome to our New Weekly Blog- CyberFAQ - All your Questions Answered


(Week 1)

Ink is forced through the image area of a screen onto the substrate below.

1. Coat effective for short runs
2. Durable, ink doesn't get damaged
3. Own unique look
4. Can be used on different materials

1.Not cost effective for long runs
2. Registration between colours can be an issue
3. Hard to print tints and tones

 C The final effect of screen print will depend massively on the substrate and the materials. (Check with us if you have any questions).Suitable for acrylic, paper and board including corrugated, polyproplene, metal, flexible mailers, PVC and almost anything that has a flat surface. The suitable order size is anything from 20 and above.

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