Monday, 16 September 2013

Cafe Vue Sandwich Packs

08 25 2013 cafevu 1
"When Café Vue identified an opportunity to target passengers at Melbourne Airport wanting a quick and tasty food solution they approached Designworks,Melbourne to create a sandwich pack with a difference.
To meet customer’s time demands instead of making per order, the idea was for sandwiches to be pre-made, packaged and displayed in the front of the café. High volume foot traffic at Melbourne Airport created an ideal opportunity to develop an eye-catching package that not only showcased Café Vue’s amazing food but is also practical for the passenger.
Designworks came up with the idea to create a sassy, seductive package that would capture the imagination. Inspired by the post modern glamour of the Café Vue brand words like ‘Saucy’, ‘Melt in your mouth’ and ‘Tasty’ were hand painted in neon pink and printed on to a matte black substrate giving the package a distinctly feminine feel. A small circular window reveals a delicious individual sized sandwich inside." 
Designed By: Design Works, Melbourne
08 25 2013 cafevu 2
08 25 2013 cafevu 3
08 25 2013 cafevu 4

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