Thursday, 18 July 2013

A Waterproof Watch That Is Cleverly Packaged In A Bag Of Water

German watch-maker Festina is so confident of its waterproof divers watch that it is selling it in a bag of water.

Designed by Berlin-based designer Ralf Schroeder of Scholz & Friends, this ingenious packaging not only markets the product but also demonstrate what it can do in a simple but impressive way.

Consisting of nothing more than a transparent bag of distilled water, the packaging is eye-catching and proves the quality of the watch suspended in it without the need for words.

“Featuring only the company logo and slogan, this packaging thus submits the product to quality control directly at the point of sale and serves as a mark of confidence at the same time. By being subjected to this visible test of endurance, the watch is able to immediately convince the customers of its particularly high quality.”


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