Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Lost In A City? QR-codes To The Rescue

If you’re planning on visiting the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro anytime soon, you might be happy to know that bringing a traditional map may become optional in the future. Instead, you’ll just need a trusty mobile device that can launch a QR-code reader application.

Just last Friday on Ipanema beach, the first pathway QR-codes (made of black and white stones) in Rio were installed, allowing people to learn about the city as they explored it on foot.

When the above-mentioned QR-codes are scanned with any free-to-download mobile device QR-code reader, the user is then directed to a website that gives you information about the place you are at in English, Spanish or Portuguese. It will also provide a digital map of the area.

All in all, Rio looks set to install 30 QR-codes at popular tourist destinations, including vistas, historic sites and of course, at their other inviting beaches.

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