Monday, 10 December 2012

Queensley Tea

Depot WPF branding consultancy has designed new elite tea brand for Riston tea company. It will shortly appear on store shelves in Russia, Germany, France and Australia.

The Depot WPF team was asked to create exclusive tea brand for international target audience. They worked out the naming and packaging design of the new trademark. “Creating Queensley, we wanted tea to turn out into an artwork. Depot WPF managed to create a bright visual image and memorable pattern” – Riston brand manager Natalya Zhestareva says.

Queensley is an elite tea brand for those who prefer delicacy and uniqueness. At the moment Queensley tea collection consists of 26 SKU, among which you can find such unusual flavours, as “Kir Royal”, “Tempting Truffle”, “Caramel Lychee”, “Clementine Amoa” and “Strawberry & Champagne”.

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