Thursday, 25 October 2012

Starbucks Goes 'Vogue' With Pixelated Holiday Gifts

For this holiday season, Starbucks will be teaming with fashion brand Rodarte to sell a line of limited edition holiday gifts that features pixelated designs. The products—which will go on sale on 13 November 2012—will include cup sleeves, coffee mugs, tote bags and gifts designed in gray, white and silver patterns mixed with splashes of lime green.

According to Samie Barr, Starbuck’s Vice President of category brand management, this project is “Starbuck’s first foray into fashion,” and that the company wanted to “capture those folks who are interested in style and fashion”.

“There’s obviously the traditional Starbucks cups that people come in and buy, and then we want to make sure we’re peppering in unique and inspiring, more limited-edition-type pieces that can appeal to those audiences that wouldn’t be our everyday purchaser,” Barr added.

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