Friday, 26 October 2012

Musical Tweets To Save An Orchestra

To raise awareness of the plight of Amsterdam's under-funded Metropole Orchestra, Havas Worldwide Amsterdam has collaborated with Perfect Fools to create Tweetphony, a Twitter campaign that allows users to compose musical tweets.

The award-winning Metropole Orchestra is under threat due to cuts in the subsidy of public broadcasting channels in the Netherlands. The campaign to potentially save it takes the form of a competition where people are charged with tweeting compositions via a special campaign site which combines a digital piano interface and Twitter. The site allows visitors to tweet messages using the letters that correspond to musical notes. Visitors can, of course hear the messages they are composing and also scroll down the feed and listen to previously tweeted compositions.

Besides being rather good fun there is a point to all this musical tweetery. The "most interesting and best tweets" will be selected and performed by the orchestra, thus showcasing them doing what they do best, in a Tweetphony event held at a studio in Hilversum on October 26 that can be tuned in to live on the day via the campaign website.

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