Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Impossible Instant Lab

To help combat digital fatigue in this day and age, The Impossible Project teamed up with industrial designer Professor Achim Heine (who designed the Leica Digilux 1 in 2002) to create a device that can transform your digital iPhone photos into analog instant Polaroids.

The ‘Impossible Instant Lab’ is an instant camera that captures images from the iPhone’s display to develop a tangible, physical Polaroid-version of the photograph.

It uses only the light from your phone’s display to expose the film, which then gets processed and developed by chemicals.

All users have to do is to select an image from the ‘Instant Lab app’ on their iPhone, place their iPhone in the cradle of the device, slide the shutter on the base open, wait for the exposure to finish, close the shutter, and push the button for the Polaroid.

The device works with existing and future iPhones, and is compatible with instant films for the Polaroid 600 and SX 70. The Impossible Instant Lab transfers the tangible analog values of photography into the digital age—to invoke nostalgia. Currently, it is seeking funding on Kickstarter.

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