Friday, 17 August 2012

New Diet Coke Can Design

Last August Coca-Cola launched a limited edition Diet Coke packaging from Turner Duckworth featuring an enlarged, cropped version of the logo. Diet Coke is now to adopt the design permanently. The new packaging uses a graphic that is basically a crop of the logo wrapped around the can – full versions are also applied just in case shoppers were unable to identify the brand. Put two of the cans together and the word 'OK' is (sort of) spelled out. Ad Age in the US now reports that Diet Coke is making the design permanent due "to popular demand". But it also reports that the new design wil only be applied to cans, not bottles.

Turner Duckworth has enjoyed a very succesful relationship with Coca-Cola, steering the drinks giant toward a simpler, bolder approach with clean graphics replacing the clutter of previous designs. Its cropped design was tested in Target shops in August and September 2010 where it was found to have performed well.

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