Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Beanblossom Hard Cider

This new collection of ciders boasts new packaging – 100% recyclable aluminum bottles.  Yes, aluminum bottles! Perfect for all of your backyard get-togethers, outdoor recreational activities and any social encounter where adult beverages are part of the fun.

This interesting packaging is bright and definitely draws attention to itself! As the bottles are made from aluminium  the designs can maintain the same high quality of print as on the cans. They build upon the can designs and being so easily recyclable means fewer trips to the bottle bank!

This is truly a hard cider from the heartland.  Crafted from the juice of fresh Midwestern apples, the Original Beanblossom Hard Cider is just how you remember it.  They have added 3 naturally flavoured hard ciders – Peach, Raspberry & Strawberry.  They are all crisp, refreshing and slightly sweet.  Just like a summer beverage should be.

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