Monday, 23 July 2012

Curly's Pocket Guide to Sport

If there's any doubt in your mind as to Taekwondo's rules of engagement, or how a gymnast's performance is scored, you need simply to refer to a new app called Curly's Pocket Guide to Sports which should set you straight.

The app has been developed by digital agency Wilson Fletcher after one of its employees found herself at Wimbledon last year and heard somebody in front of her ask a friend how many times the ball could bounce. The idea for an app that explains the rules to sport but in a witty, jargon-free way was born. 
Wonderfully illustrated by Ryan Todd, the app is very easy to use, simply swipe along a number of illustrated cards which each represent a sport such as beach volleyball. Click on it to read a summary of what the particular sport is all about, also what the rules are and how it's scored in competition. As well as the rules, there are also some fun facts thrown in for good measure!

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