Friday, 16 March 2012

Ouse Valley Foods

burst* was asked to create a new identity and packaging for Ouse Valley Foods which would give the brand the personality that fits it’s premium positioning.

It was not only necessary to develop the packaging to be unique, distinctive and premium, reflecting the personality and ethos of Ouse Valley Foods, but to effectively communicate clearly the different ranges and products to the consumer.Julian Warrender makes all the products herself by hand from and this attention to detail needed to be conveyed.Premium cues were subtly added by using foils for the product titles, enhancing and differentiating without fundamentally changing the designs.It was also important we created an efficient design solution that could be easily hand-applied.The lovely Heron watercolour illustration created by Kathy Wyatt was enhanced by the use of a textured label, giving the feel of an actual illustration on each jar.

Disclaimer: Some images hosted on this blog have been collected from external research associates to be presented as stimulus to those seeking news from the cutting edge of packaging. The imagery is not being presented as our own and copyright still belongs to the owner/creator of said work.

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