Tuesday, 20 May 2014


(Week 33)

Paper Over Board Boxes 

Lift-Off Lid Box

This is the most simple form of Paper over Board box - just a tray, with a separate lid. The lid can be full or part depth, and with or without thumb cuts. Box and lid can be in contrasting colours or materials.

Shoulder Box

This style of box has an internal shoulder, so that the base and lid sit flush with each other. The shoulder can allow the lid to be a greater height than the base, or can prevent the base and lid meeting which can add a flash of colour to the closed box.

Four Board Case

A simple tray, with a four-section wrap glued to the base giving a hinged lid usually with a magnetic closure. This is a very popular format as it gives a sturdy box with a professional finish - ideal for sample presentation or high-end goods.

Slip Case Box

slipcase can be used on its own to house products, or with an additional tray insert. Here a slipcase was used to finish a four board case style box, using a contrasting texture or covering material.

Disclaimer: Some images hosted on this blog have been collected from external research associates to be presented as stimulus to those seeking news from the cutting edge of packaging. The imagery is not being presented as our own and copyright still belongs to the owner/creator of said work.

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