Tuesday, 25 February 2014


(Week 21)

Vac forming

Vac forming is a relatively simple process where by a plastic sheet is heated to a forming temperature and is forced against a aluminium mould by a vacuum to form the desired shape.


1. As a box insert it is very cost effective for longer runs. This is compared to other alternatives such as foam
2. There is a range of colours, thickness's and finishes to choose from when deciding on what plastic to use
3. Has a relatively quick turnaround time
4. Once the tooling has been set up it has a precision rate on repeat orders compared to other alternatives


1. The tooling can be relatively expensive and time consuming to set up

 Is greatly suited as a box insert and comes as standard in some of our DVD/CD packaging on our shop website . Suitable for, box inserts, technical packaging and CD/DVD packaging. The suitable order size,  depends on size, materials and complexity (This can all change depending on repeat orders done within a year)

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