Friday, 10 January 2014


(Week 14)

Harmless Compost is a starch based packaging solution for bags and magazine flow wrapping. Can be printed on using biodegradable inks and will completely breakdown into naturally occurring substances at the end of their usual life.


1. Can be printed full colour process.
2. Sustainable & Renewable
3. Great strength and finish
4. Available in three different types - clear, frosted and white.

1. High minimum order quantity
2. More expensive than standard packaging

Harmless compost will compost within 90 days in an industrial composting environment. Suitable for carrier bags as well as envelopes and also works especially well for magazines and publications flow wrapping. The suitable order size, as all Harmless Compost products are made to order, they have quite high minimum order quantities, as an example the minimum order quantity for a Harmless Compost C4 envelope would be 5,000.

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