Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Week 7 - Lithographic printing


(Week 7)

Inks are applied via a metal plate using chemical processes to separate image and non-image areas, giving a very high resolution print.

1.Easily Available 
2. Very high quality print
3. Possible on many papers, boards and some plastics

1. Not suitable for very short runs (See week 2 digital printing for the ideal alternative)
2. Ink colours can be strongly affected by material colour

 Lithographic printing is the most commonly available form of commercial printing due to its high quality finish on many different types of paper and board. Suitable for invitations, leaflets, brochures, paper over board, posters, labels, PVC, rigid polypropylene, stationery and many more. The suitable order size depends on the product type but usually anything from 500 upwards.

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