Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Week 3 - Foil Blocking


(Week 3)

The application of coloured foil, to a base substrate using a metal tool.

1.Many colours available
2. Metallic and solid colours available
3. Cost effective for short runs
4. Opaque colours work well, ideal for dark materials

1. Tints and tones not available
2. Image area can be limited

 Tooling is a one off payment and can be used for future runs. Suitable for paper over board, general print and polypropylene. The suitable order size is anything from 50 upwards.

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  1. Great post. Nice to see the pros and cons of foiling. I love seeing different uses of foil blocking - especially colours that aren't widely used! And a simple foil on a plain uncoated stock can make a beautiful design piece.