Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Adidas Originals Press Packs for I ART JOBURG

08 27 13 adidaspresspacks 1
Adidas just elevated the concept of a press pack! Adidas Originals ‘I ART JOBURG,’ was a month long project curated byANDPEOPLE that introduced five world renowned street and fine artists to the heart of Maboneng Precinct in Johannesburg. 
As a thank you to the people involved in project, ANDPEOPLE produced these press packs as a gift. They got to deisgn the newspapers, book and t-shirts that were included in the packs.
"Painting large-scale murals across the area in September 2012. Artists Remed (Madrid), Steve ‘ESPO’ Powers (New York), ROA(Belgium) as well as local artists Falko (Cape Town) and Cameron Platter (Durban) headlined the project alongside legendary street culture photographer Martha Cooper (New York) who collaborated with each artist, documenting the month long process."
Designed by ANDPEOPLE, Cape Town, South Africa (in collaboration with Adidas)
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