Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Nike 2012/2013 Korea National Football Team, Home Jersey

07 22 2013 nike 1
"This packaging design is inspired by the product itself: the jersey of Korea’s national football team. The jersey’s characteristic feature are the laser-cut ventilation holes in its sides. Accordingly, the sophisticated box features a similar hole punching on its inside. The double gatefold of the box increases the excitement when opening it: at first, only the Nike logo is visible, then the claim and finally the jersey, which is framed by rays made of cords. The vermilion cardboard package can also be used as an eye-catching display case in stores."
 Design: Tae Hyun Kim, Nike Sports Korea, Seoul; creative company kki, 
SeoulClient: Nike Sports Korea, Seoul
Creative Direction: Tae Ho Yoo
Art Direction: Seung In Baek
Graphic Design: Myung Woo Nam
Text: Jong Dae Kim
07 22 2013 nike 307 22 2013 nike 2

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