Monday, 14 January 2013

Leeds Print Festival 2013

The programme for the second annual Leeds Print Festival (January 18-27) has been announced and includes a print fair, a group exhibition, plus talks by Alan Kitching, Matthew The Horse and The Print Project. Organised by Aaron Skipper and Amber Smith, this year's festival takes place at Leeds Gallery, opening with a party on Friday January 18 at which Papercut Bindery and Bradford-based The Print Project will invite attendees to have a go at book binding and letterpress printing respectively.

"I'll be bringing a letterpress press to the party," explains The Print Projects's Nick Loaring. "We've organised it so that two separate processes get pulled together on the night to produce a very beautiful poster and book," he continues.

The idea is that attendees can print a Leeds Print Festival 2013 poster on Loaring's ancient Vandercook No.1 (Galley) Proof Press with some very large wood type onto GF Smith stock. Inking will be done by hand so each poster will be entirely unique. "We'll be on hand to give guidance and respond to questions about the process," explains The Print Project's Nick Loaring, "and to make sure no one drinks the ink or runs off with the wood type."
As well as printing posters to keep, opening night party-goers can have a go at binding cut down sections of pre-dried letterpressed posters (with the guys from Papercut Bindery) to create an A6 booklet which they can also keep and take home.

Saturday January 19 Leeds Gallery will host a print fair where at which various small presses, galleries and print producers - including Ditto Press, RareKind, Karoline Rerrie, Ratio:Studio and Back To Back Press - will showcase and sell their wares.
Then on Sunday 20, the gallery will host a program of talks by Alan Kitching, Matthew The Horse and The Print Project.

There's also an exhibition of new print-based works by London-based designer and screenprinter Dan Mather, Marc Ross/Prefab 77, illustrator Robbie Porter, surface pattern designer Sarah Milton and graphic designer Seb Koseda at the Leeds Gallery which will runs for the duration of the festival.

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