Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Coca-Cola Launches Its Own Photo Sharing App

Coca-Cola has launched a new photo-sharing service called ‘Happy Places’, and has released a free iPhone app to support it. The app, which looks similar to Instagram, allows users to take and share photos of ‘happy moments’ with their friends on their social networks. Users can also view and comment on their friend’s pictures and search relevant hashtags, such as #beautiful, #joy and #music to stay up-to-date with photo uploads that fit these ‘moments’.

According to brandchannel, Coca Cola has described its new service as “that place where you can upload photos of your happy moments, share them, and remember them any time you want. Take a picture or pick one from your albums, add it to your profile, and share that moment of happiness with followers in Happy Places, or your friends in Facebook or Twitter.”

The website’s domain name is currently not activated, but the free app—which was released on 1 November 2012—can be downloaded from the iTunes Store.

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