Friday, 5 October 2012

An Art Installation Thats Lets You Walk In The Rain Without Getting Wet

London-based contemporary art studio rAndom International has set up an art installation that allows visitors to walk in the rain without getting wet.

Currently on display at the Barbican Center in London, the ‘Rain Room’ is a perpetual rain shower that responds to visitors’ movements and presence. As they walk through the installation, cameras installed within the room detects their movement—sending instructions to the rain to move away from the visitors—keeping them dry.

According to Hannes Koch, one of the artist involved in the installation, he said that people were tentative going into the installation at first, but because people enjoyed experimenting, they wanted to push its boundaries and see if they truly could not get wet. The Rain Room will be on display at the Barbican Center in London from 4 October 2012 to 3 March 2013.

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