Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Norwich Cathedral's Brand Bible

Asked to produce a brand identity guidelines manual for Norwich Cathedral, there was really only one route The Click Design Consultants could take. The Click created Norwich Cathedral's brand identity back in 2009. They have carried on working with the client since and were recently asked to create a brand guidelines manual for cathedral staff and suppliers.

The solution was staring them in the face – a 'brand bible' created to look like a real bible. It looks like the consultancy had a huge amount of fun shoehorning as many religious references into the work as possible. And fair play to the cathedral authorities for going along with what could have seemed a slightly sacrilegious gag!

One slight let down is that the book does not actually exist as a physical object – it was designed to be an online resource only. But in these times of tight budgets and environmental concerns, that makes sense.

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