Thursday, 12 July 2012

5 simple ideas to help get your direct mail noticed.

These days mailers are going to creative, new lengths to gain attention. And some of this creative effort has moved from the copy to the outer, or carrier, envelope.

We are aware that around 75 percent of all direct mail you receive ends up in the bin — generally unopened. So how do you know that your business mail isn’t being thrown away? What can you doing to give your mail piece enough impact so that it actually gets opened?

Envelope size and colour is the most basic ways to win their attention, but giving it a bespoke edge can make just the difference.

Here are 5 ideas to help get your direct mail opened...

1. Experiment with the size of your envelope. If you’ve used once size in the past, try a different size. Recent industry reports show that C4  envelopes are getting opened and responded to much better than the standard envelope.

2. Use colour. Test one color against another with the same mailing—with 50 percent getting a standard white envelope and 50 percent a purple mailer—just to see whether purple or the white one gets a better response. Or maybe go one step further and send metallic envelopes that catch the eye as the light shines on them.

3. Keep in mind the make-up of your target audience. If your audience is conservative, mature CEOs, you’re probably not going to want to use an envelope in a strong color, such as hot pink. But it might work great if you’re mailing to the twenty-something crowd.

4. Take things a step further through personalisation. Try branding your mailing bags with eyecatching graphics, printed words, branding, a corporate or personal message.

5. Finally, never stop trying to capture your audience’s attention. After all, it’s what the reader first sees when pulling the piece from the letterbox. Make it look friendly, personal, and too important to throw away without finding out what’s inside.

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