Thursday, 31 May 2012

Scanbox: Turn your iPhone into a scanning platform

Another successful Kickstarter project in its funding infancy, Scanbox has already achieved full funding with almost $70 thousand raised of its $12,500 goal. With 38 days left, it's clear that backers think this product will be a useful tool.

Scanbox, designed by Australian Phil Bosua, Ben Hillier, and Luke Allen, offers a highly portable and utilitarian function—it easily unfolds from a flatpack and snaps together with high-strength magnets to form a scanner platform for the iPhone. The idea was borne from the fact that scanners today—for many people—are not used often, gather dust, take up space, and often require more effort than they are worth.

The box promises to rid users of clunky machines and provide them with a useful and portable version that gets the job done in an arguably better way. The basic version is dependent upon surrounding light conditions, but the "Plus" model offers thin, LED lights to counteract unfortunate lighting situations. The box allows users to "scan" documents and receipts, photograph 3d objects, copy photos and provides a platform for video feed.

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