Monday, 21 May 2012

The 'Real' Juice Box

Brazilian agency AGE Isobar has grown real fruit into the shape of juice boxes in order to promote the supposedly 'all natural' Camp fruit juice brand. The agency made moulds in the shape of juice boxes which were hung on fruit trees on farms near São Paulo. As the fruit ripened, it grew into the shape of the mould, complete with Camp logo and even a 'straw'.

The 'juice boxes' (around 1100 were produced) were placed in supermarkets and on fruit stalls, as well as at trade fairs, with a sticker. At the checkout, customers could exchange them for a carton of Camp. So, not really 'juice boxes' per se, more a neat bit of in-store promotion, albeit on a very small-scale for what is reported to have been two years' work. Was it worth the effort? That depends on how much 'earned media' the idea generates.

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