Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The A1 Typographic Scrabble Set by Andrew Capener

Designer Andrew Capener created this Scrabble set as a personal challenge to bring a bit of type appreciation to the letter-centric board game. He wanted to stir up some excitement in players about typography design by giving them the ability to choose their sets font. They could select a game set in their favorite font or with an assorted pack, with additional font sets available through the Scrabble site.

He constructed the scrabble board and interior box with solid walnut and the exterior box from birch. The board pieces are magnetized to snap together perfectly, and each piece slides neatly into place in the box, anchored with magnets for seamless storage. His original concept found such favor in the design community that Hasboro and Winning Solutions took notice. They've teamed up with Andrew to produce a special edition set.

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