Monday, 27 February 2012

Mockbirth EP Cover

Mockbirth is an upcoming, greek, alternative, downtempo band. Nevertheless Design was asked to design their first EP cover.

Their sound, a mixture of analogue and digital sounds, inspired us to make a parallelism between analogue-digital, nature-geometry, black-white. Due to the low budget production and limited edition of packages, we decided to make our design a little more experimental. We made mono-prints with tree trunks and leaves and combined them with a geometry pattern taken from the logo lines.The whole package consists a hand printed CD, a paper case sewn with black thread and wrapped with a two colour offset, double sided poster and sealed with white wax. The wrapping poster can after the opening be used as an actual wall poster signed and numbered by the band.

Disclaimer: Some images hosted on this blog have been collected from external research associates to be presented as stimulus to those seeking news from the cutting edge of packaging. The imagery is not being presented as our own and copyright still belongs to the owner/creator of said work.

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