Monday, 12 December 2011

The Phraseology Project

Designer Drew Melton decided he needed an outlet to practice his craft in lettering and typography design. Instead of arbitrarily creating pieces, he knew he wanted to have a purpose to his practice, thus in January of 2011 the Phraseology Project domain was purchased and the challenge begun.

Drew and a handful of other artists took on the task of turning viewer-submitted phrases and words in to beautiful works of type and letter art. And, if the 90+ submissions they received in the first week were a signal, they definitely found an interested audience to keep the experiment rolling.

The Phraseology Project celebrates the art of experimentation and embraces imperfection found in trial and error. Drew says "We try our best to come up with our best work always, but more importantly we value practice and healthy process. In other words, these pieces aren't perfect. But they are honest. We celebrate the process of design and creativity in all of its' outcomes."

Here are a few of their designs:

Disclaimer: Some images hosted on this blog have been collected from external research associates to be presented as stimulus to those seeking news from the cutting edge of packaging. The imagery is not being presented as our own and copyright still belongs to the owner/creator of said work.

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