Tuesday, 4 October 2011

New Audi A6 Avant Advert

In a new animated ad for Audi, written by BBH and directed by Daniel Barber, a nimble metalic hummingbird effortlessly flits through surreal forests and fields made up of of roadside furniture such as traffic cones and road signs.

"The new A6 Avant has a unique aluminium and steel construction," explains BBH's Kevin Stark of the agency's approach. "It makes the car lighter, more agile and more fuel efficient, but it's also fun to drive. The aluminium bird was the perfect metaphor to demonstrate this. We wanted the bird to look like it had been made by Audi engineers. Director Daniel Barber along with Tom Bussell and his team at the Mill built in A6 features – so [the bird's] eyes have the Audi LED's and his chest mirrors the Audi grille. They then constructed a surreal road trip for him to manouevre. The unlikely choice of music; a Johann Strauss Operetta [entitled Open Road, Open Sky, sung by baritone John Charles Thomas] adds to the sense of fun."

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