Thursday, 6 October 2011

Laughing Man Worldwide

Laughing Man worldwide started with friendship, a promise, desire and a little synchronicity. In 2009 Hugh Jackman visited Ethiopia as world vision ambassador and met a local coffee farmer named Dukale. He worked the farm with him and sat down with his family and friends. He learned about Dukale’s hopes for his family, community and his efforts to work out of poverty.

The Motto at laughing man is all be happy, which comes from an ancient sanskrit prayer. It wishes all to be happy, all be free of disease and none suffer misery of any kind. That is the essence of laughing man worldwide and its passionate and dedicated team. We hope to become a well of support that continues to flow where needed, both here and abroad, giving 100% of the profits it receives from its ventures to charity.

Established wanted to convey the laughing man brand’s core spirit of “all be happy” with a collection of packaging that was at once gourmet, joyful and modern. The product’s quality credentials called for luxury so a silver and grey color pallette and clean typography were used.

Meanwhile the custom chalk type graphics used across the brand convey the idea of a hand-finished barrista quality. They casually applied, unique laughing face stickers on each product are designed to reflect the universal nature of laughter, goodness and ethical-mindedness, which are fundamental to the laughing man brand. The concept of constantly changing stickers also invites the consumer to interact with the brand directly by uploading their own laughing face on the website, for a chance to be used on future packaging.

The overall aim was to create a brand that broke the mould of ethically responsible products being packaged in arustic, hessian way. Laughing man is a product that looks at home on the shelves.

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