Tuesday, 30 August 2011

H.E.R.O. Commemorative Stationery

The Hong Kong Escape Re-enactment Organisation (H.E.R.O.) was formed to commemorate and raise awareness of the great escape of the 2nd MTB Flotilla and VIP party from Hong Kong to freedom in China on Christmas day 1941. This daring escape was led by the legendary one-legged Chinese Admiral, Chan Chak.

D.Studio created an identity and stationery that would not only excite potential sponsors but also inform them, bit by bit, of this heroic story. This was achieved by recreating an official 1940s letter that appeared to have been lost in the post for decades, complete with a postmark identity and a censor seal for added authenticity. Inside is a telegram-style letter detailing H.E.R.O.’s ‘mission’, along with a map of the escape route.

H.E.R.O.’s founders are all descendants of the real life heroes involved in the escape, so the business cards appear in the style of collectible cigarette cards, proudly displaying their relative’s portrait and providing a great talking point at meetings.

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