Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The ebay Box

On the eBay Green Team, it’s our mission to “inspire the world to buy, sell and think green every day,” but just as often, it’s our customers and employees who inspire us to be environmentally friendly in new ways. The idea is called “simple green shipping” and it’s an environmentally friendly, durable box that’s been designed to be used over and over and over again. That might sound like a pretty simple concept, but it's actually pretty powerful – especially in a marketplace like eBay where many  buyers are also sellers and sellers are also buyers.

If every box gets reused at least five times, we could protect nearly 4,000 trees, save 2.4 million gallons of water and conserve enough energy to power 49 homes for a year. There is also plenty of space on the boxes for you – and everyone else who receives the box – to write a personal message to the next person in the chain, giving every box a life of its very own. The history of each box can also be tracked through a virtual community where buyers and sellers can connect online.

All of the eBay Boxes are made from 100% recycled content, FSC-certified corrugated cardboard and are fully recyclable.

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