Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The latest in flat pack - Lamp Shades

Looking to replace your harsh and unflattering lighting fixtures, but don’t wanna spend heavily on sleek and luxurious lampshades, Berlin-based Formfjord has come up with an economical yet creative lamp shade dubbed the “New Flat” that other than decorating your place also helps in sustaining the environment. Made using a flat pack cardboard box, the lampshade elegantly encloses your energy efficient bulb to create a soft illumination.

Easy to assemble, the sustainable lampshade doesn’t require a screwdriver or any other equipment. The New Flat can be used both as a temporary fixture and a permanent shade according to the taste of the user. Moreover, it can be folded into an A4 envelope for easy storage and transportation. In case, you are not comfortable with cardboard shades and want something sleek and durable, Formfjord also presents a wider array of modern lighting and lampshades to meet the decor of trendy spaces.

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  1. Hello

    I've just written about your degradable plastic bag:

    I really hope it does degrade, unlike other so-called degradable plastics that only do so in extreme temperatures.

    Anyway best wishes


  2. Techy people would definitely love that lamp. That looks really really fresh and unique!