Friday, 17 December 2010

The Science Museum: Augmented Reality from GR/DD

Our friends at GR/DD have created the latest augmented reality experience at the Science Museum in London.

Take at look at the project below or better still go and check it out!       

The Brief:
The Science Museum in London required an innovative interactive for their revolutionary new atmosphere: exploring climate science gallery, a space in the museum dedicated to improving public understanding of the science behind climate change. This particular interactive needed to present the visitor with a way in which they can manipulate a scene to alter the amount of carbon that was being released into the atmosphere.

The Design:
GR/DD created ‘Carbon Cycle’, a unique Augmented Reality (AR) interactive that presents the visitor with the process in which natural and man made activities add and off-set the amount of carbon in the Earth’s atmosphere and the consequences of this. By placing different representative AR tags onto the physical island grid, visitors can add cement factories, farms, roads and much more. Multiple tags are read by the camera which then enables the interactive to accurately place digital versions onto the on-screen island, complete with animation, sound and further science information. Visitors can add as many or as little objects (tags) as they like to their island and move them around at any time to customise it to their hearts content.

Two other interactives created by GR/DD for the atmosphere gallery include ‘Past Climate Change’, a time traveling journey exploring the different eras of Earth’s life, and ‘Greenhouse Effect’, a fun arcade style game that demonstrates how the greenhouse effect works.

For further information, hi-res visuals or interest in any other projects please contact:
Tim Smith on 020 7729 4222 or

For visitor information on the atmosphere gallery please visit the Science Museum’s website or call 0870 870 4868

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