Friday, 3 September 2010

Ellen MacArthur Foundation Article

Harmless packaging: wrap it up!

by Joss Blériot

Packaging… Who hasn’t at some point been appalled by the quantity of materials that most of the “stuff” we buy comes wrapped in? From plastic-clad half cucumbers to plastic bag-sealed magazines, packaging amounts to more than 50% of all household waste. A UK company has decided to tackle the issue, not by going down the “less” route, but by making packaging better by design.

The name says it all – Harmless packaging is on a mission to change the current state of affairs, in a country where roughly 80% of the plastics we dispose of end up in landfill. By creating a range of dissolvable and compostable products, the company developed a closed-loop approach in order to meet its objective of creating products that “start in the earth harmless and end in the earth harmless”. 

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